Galleries – Crane Photography

This is where you can jump in Crane Photography’s galleries. We split up our galleries to make it easier for clients and prospective clients to find what they are looking for.






If you are an existing client and have elected to have an online gallery, when published, it will be listed under ‘Client and Event.’

If your a business client your gallery will be listed under ‘Corporate’.

If your just wanting to get a glimps of what we do for individual clients then feel free to browse the Wedding and Portrait Galleries.

Our Wedding and Portrait galleries contain a small selection of our work. If you are interested in our services we recommend meeting with us. This gives you the opportunity to see, touch and feel the quality of our work. Most people don’t realise that their computer screen is not capable of displaying the true range of colour that our equipment is captures. To speed the internet up web pictures use a set of colours knows as sRGB, which strips the depth of colour from images.


Some galleries are password protected. This is usually done at the request of the client, or because Crane Photography wishes to control who has access to the images. Passwords are issued to those who commissioned the work, and they remain exclusively responsible for the distribution and control of the password, and requests for password re-sets.