Crane Photography is owned and operated by Andrew and Phoebe Crane.

It has been operating in its current form since 2008.


About Andrew

Andrew first undertook professional training in Photography while in high school in Sydney in the late 1970′s. Since then Andrew has successfuly achieved qualifications from The University of Sydney and The University of Technology Sydney, as well as Charles Sturt University.

 About Phoebe

Phoebe’s school education was in Germany but she traveled to the UK early in her teens, learnt to speak English (and Scottish) and later successfully completed studies at the University of London. After emigrating to Australia more than 20 years ago Phoebe now considers herself throughly Australian (and has the paperwork to prove it.)


Both Phoebe and Andrew have made an extensive study of Non-Violent Communication, a method of communication that is natural and works. Together they make up a team who can communicate effectively under pressure in addition to knowing the business of Photography.

We do what we do because fundamentally we like to serve, and believe that is the most basic human need. We also like to know that we can pay our bills, so we like to receive as well!

In addition to our paid Photographic work we provide our services of a number of charities, both human and animal.